July 9, 2019


"Today I had a 5 minute conversation with Virg which saved our church about $400 - and he did it free of charge, over the phone, and with good counsel about next steps. Highly recommended. "
December 22, 2017

"Virg has always been extremely helpful in picking out the best dishwasher and washer and dryer needed to keep my family going through the day. I appreicate his expertise and his ability to fix anything."
August 17, 2017

"We have been extremely pleased with the prompt, courteous service provided from this company. Virg is very knowledgeable on the mechanics of the appliances and how to fix them. We will definitely be using Virg's Appliance for all of our repairs."
August 16, 2017

"virg has done a great job over the years in providing me and my family with advise and repair if all our appliances, especially in dishwashers, dryers and washing machines "
August 16, 2017

"virg has been wonderful when helping to select appliance and repair of those appliances. Ask him anything about a specific appliance and he can answer it. Remember all appliances are built to last 10 years if you get more than that out of it you are extremely luck or have a great repair man. Virg is that man"